Wild Inspired creates private and bespoke workshops both within our woodlands or at a suitable site.

This Includes activities such as …

Firecraft – Backwoods Cooking – Foraging – Natural String Making – Willow Work – Bow-Making – Toy and Gadget making and much more ….

Bushcraft Courses

Wild Inspired runs activity courses for anyone aged 10+

Activities include…

Bushcraft Foundation Skills  – Natural Shelter, Cordage, Knife Skills, Wild Cooking

Firecraft – Improve your fire lighting skills in all weather conditions, techniques, tree properties, tinders

Sharp Tool Safety, Techniques and Maintenance

Backwoods Cooking  – Cook a variety of different dishes over a campfire without using tin-foil

Woodland Toys & Gadgets

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Scout / Guide association Badges

If you need help completing a badge either Woodcraft, Backwoods Cooking, Survival skills etc Wild Inspired help tailor a course to you.

Course can include:-

Use sharp tools safely, Signalling, and many other skills.

Preventing and treating the effects of extreme temperatures.

Practicle First Aid skills

Different Types of shelter with both Nature and Tarps


Building, using and maintaining fire using natural methods.

Foraging for edible food in the wild.